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    Tony Savarese

    Tony Savarese

    About the artist:

    Antonio's mediums of choice are oil and pastel and he frequently varies his style between impressionistic, post impressionistic and modern.

    Antonio believes that one should surround themselves with images that they initially find both beautiful and thought provoking.  Good art, when designed correctly, will continue to reveal itself to the viewer over time and, much like a fine wine, will age in a way that gives the viewer a deeper appreciation for what they own.   

    Therefore, Antonios primary objective is to create artwork that the viewer can look at day after day and remain enthusiastic about.  Due to this, he has distanced himself from the literalness that both nature and/or a photograph offer.  This has resulted in him focusing primarily on abstract designs and sequences of which may consist of shadows, brushwork, and colors to convey his message.  He believes that paintings rendered less concrete in their representation will allow the viewer to formulate new perspectives about the artwork, perhaps even years after the initial purchase.  

    "These paintings are painted to last and remain fresh," Antonio Savarese.

    Antonio Savarese's studio is located in the heart of Moab, Utah.

    Antonio was recognized for his artwork in 2019 as he was awarded the Artist Residency for Arches and Canyonlands National Parks as well as Hovenweep and Natural Bridges National Monuments.